New great jQuery plugins for your page

One of the best ways of improving your productivity, is to use  prebuilt components like jQuery for adding advanced functionality to your website, instead of reinventing the wheel yourself.

In this post you’ll see some of the most interresting jQuery plugins from march 2010.

BBC Style News Ticker

With this plugin from MakeMineATriple you can add a ticker effect to one of your links. The link will be displayed with a ticker graphical effect, and several links can be displayed at the same spot.


The Simplethumbs plugin is a lightweight plugin, that can has advanced features like auto play for an automatic slideshow.


Capcha has been a quite successful weapon in the war against spam. However the user friendliness of capcha can be discussed. Slidelock provides a new way of spam securing forms, but in a very user friendly way – the user just has to pull a slider.


Jplayer provides a simple solution to add a mp3 or ogg files from your website. This plugin supports the html5 <audio> format.


With Jquery.Sheet, you can easily insert a spreadsheet right into your website. The features for this plugin is quite impressive:

  • Multi-sheets (create new right from the ui)
  • Cross-sheet calculations
  • Re-sizable (columns, rows, sheet)
  • Fast Calculations Engine
  • Selectable Rows and Columns
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • XML / JSON / HTML export/import
  • In-line Controls (select list, radio buttons, checkboxes)
  • Charts (jGCharts)

Google Streetview Made Easy

The Google Streetview Made Easy plugin provides all the popular features from Google Streetview, including the draggable little man, which isn’t a  part of the Google Maps api.

AutoSuggest jQuery plugin

This AutoSuggest jQuery plugin uses ajax to suggest data from a json data source. The script has many configuration options, but is still very lightweight.

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