Beating the 2000 followers limit in Twitter

twitter 2000 followers errorTwitter is a great tool for getting new information from interesting sources. You can therefore easily end up following a lot of Twitter users.

In the beginning you can just add as many users as you like. However when you’re following 2000 users, Twitter starts to put restrictions on how many you can follow.

In this post we’ll discuss why this limit has been introduced by Twitter and how to get get pass the 2000 follows barrier on Twitter.


There are a set of informal rules for following and following back on Twitter. One of the most fundamental rules are, that if somebody follows you, it’s polite to back these users. However people with bad intentions can misuse this rule, to follow a lot of users, hope these users are following back, and the send a lot of spam messages.

Since this behavior is very destructive, the people at Twitter has set up some rules to avoid this behavior.

2000+ follows rules

As long as you follow less then 2000 Twitter users, there is more or less no restrictions. However when you exceeds following 2000, Twitter adds a set of rules to prevent spamming.  This means that Twitter suddenly starts giving you warning messages that tells you that you’re not allowed to follow more users. This doesn’t means that your account is closed or about to be closed, but it means that the 2000+ follow rules has been applied to your account:

When you follow 2000+ users, you’re only allowed to follow 10% more users than are following you.

This means, that if you want to be able to follow more than 2000 users, you should ensure that you have sufficient followers on Twitter. To be exact, to get pass the 2000 users limit you should have 2000 – 10% users following you (1800 users)

Tools to get pass 2000 follows

So getting pass the 2000 follows rules is basically about either getting more followers, or clean up in the users you’re following, so uninteresting users are removed.

One of the obvious tools is to look at the users you’re following

  • Are all these users still interesting, or can you unfollow some of these. This will reduce the number of users that you’re following.
  • You can also unfollow users that you’re following, but aren’t following you back. This will reduce the number of users that you’re following.

Both these tools can be tricky and time consuming. So my recommendation is to take a look at some of the tools that can help you manage your Twitter account. A good example of a Twitter account tool is Tweet Adder. You can download a free trial here.

You should also work on getting more followers. Again there are a few easy tings you could do to attract more followers:

  • Post on Twitter. This sounds obvious, but if you don’t regularly post content on Twitter, it can be difficult for Twitter users to find you.
  • Post on Twitter on a regular basis. It’s more interesting for users to follow somebody that’s active on Twitter
  • Optimize your posts. Make sure that you posts has a appealing text, that contains interesting and popular keywords

So if you hit the 2000 follow wall, the recommendation is to start working with who you’re following, and how to attract new followers. Good luck.

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  4. 4minuten says:

    I couldn’t find anywhere how many followers you need to have to follow more than 2000. The magic number is 1500. Once you pass it, you can follow more.

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