Great Google Maps Mashups

Google maps mashupsOne of the fantastic things about Google Maps, is that it’ s quite easy to build interesting map mashups.

In this post, we’ll look into a small fraction of the strange, interesting or impressive Google Maps Mashups that can be found on the web.

Open Beer Map

Isn’t it a nice thought, that no matter where you go in the world, you can easily find a local high quality brewery with good beer. This seems to be the idea behind The Beer Mapping Project. You can currently find and add Breweries in 13 countries.

The Beer Map Project


If you’re traveling a lot, HealthMap can be a very important site to check. HealthMap collects disease information from sources around the world and combines these data in this very useful mashup. You can see where the disease has been reported and read further information from the source

HealthMap see diseases around the world

5000 Webcams

At webcamVue you find a very impressive mashup with more than 5000 webcams from around the world. You can view webcams by country or category. Funny enough the swimming pool category seems to be very popular…

5000 webcams on google maps mashup

Track This Now

With the Track This Now mashup, you can search in news resources from all over the world, and see what is written about a specific topic around the world.

Track This Now follow news around the world

If I dig a deep hole

Have you ever wondered where you would end, if you digged a infinitely deep hole straight through the center of the Earth? With the If I Dig a very deep hole mashup, you can now finally get the answer to this very important question.

Where do I end if i dig a very deep hole

Live Ships Map

This mashup is very impressive. Live Ships Map displays the real time positions of ships around the world. For each ship you can find information about current speed, destination and facts about the ship.

Live ships map, real time positions and data on ships around the world


If you like outdoor activities, you’ll love this mashup. The idea behind the WalkJogRun mashup is that you can easily draw your local running routes on the maps, and thereby measure the distances as well as see- and get inspiration from other running routes in the area.

Create and share running, walking and joggin routes on maps

Ground Zero

Have you ever thought of the consequences of a asteroid or nuclear weapon making damage to your neighborhood. Now you can peacefully sit at home and simulate  what kind of damage these different threats might have to your home or any other place on earth with the Ground Zero mashup.

Ground Zero - simulate a nuclear attack or asteroid impact


Are you curious about the Twitter trends around the world, then Trendsmap gives you a great overview. The mashup displays the top tags from Twitter in real time on Google Maps

Trendsmap - realtime map of the most popular Twitter tags around the world


Behind this strange name, you’ll find a mashup including Google Street View and Twitter. You simply search for a city, and then you can see the street views from the latest tweets from Twitter users in this city. Stweet is a interesting way to see new locations in known cities.

Stweet see tweets on google streetview

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