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tweet adder optimize your twitter accountTwitter is a great tool for communicating with current and new users of your website. However posting to Twitter, following and unfollowing users can be a complex and time consuming task.

In this post we’ll give you some tips to supercharge your Twitter account with the tool Tweet Adder.

To be honest, the tool Tweet Adder costs money, and you can do absolutely the same tasks without the tool. So why is this tool interesting?  because it can automate a lot of very time consuming tasks, and really help you get some very relevant followers to your tweets.

And before buying anything you can download a free demo version and try the tool before considering if the tool is worth buying.

The basic functionality behind the tool is to:

  • Help you find new interesting tweets to follow
  • Follow back users who follow you
  • Unfollow tweets that aren’t interesting
  • Automate welcome messages to new followers
  • Send out tweets

Searching for users to follow

Tweet Adder can help you identify Tweets that’s relevant to you. Since most of these normally follows you back when you follows them, you can use the use Tweet Adder to get highly relevant followers to your tweets.

The image below is the Tweet Adder screen where you search for new users to follow.

using  tweet adder to find targeted users to follow

When searching for new users to follow you can search in the following ways:

  • By keywords in tweets
  • By profile data (location, followers, following, tweets)
  • By location
  • Followers of other twitter users
  • Users followed by another user

Based on these searches, you can define a set of highly targeted users that you want to follow.

Following users

When you have defined a list of users you want to follow, it’s time to start following. In Tweet Adder, there is a special screen for following users.

Tweet adder following usersTwitter has some spam checking mechanisms, so even if you have found several hundreds of interesting users to follow, you can’t follow all at once.  The daily max is somewhere around 500 to 1000 new followers per day.

If you save a Tweet Adder search result as a list, you can use the follow function in Tweet Adder to automatically follow the allowed number of new users every day.  The recommended amount is 200.

Tweet Adder can also let you automatically follow back users who follows you. Since this is “fair” Twitter behavior, this is recommended.

Unfollowing users

When you’re following more than 2.000 users, Twitter sets restrictions on the ratio between how many users that are following you, and how many users you follow. This rule makes great sense, since it can prevent spamming from users, just trying to follow as many as possible.

If you hit this 2000 follows wall or just wants to clean up your Twitter account, Tweet Adder has some good tools for unfollowing users.

Unfollow Twitter users with tweet adder

Like following users, there is also Twitter restrictions on how many users you can unfollow every day. The recommended setting in Tweet Adder is max. 200 unfollows per day.  The default setting is to unfollow users 3 days after you have followed them. You can also define a “safe list” of users that shouldn’t be unfollowed.


Besides the functions already mentioned, Tweet Adder can also help posting messages to Twitter and create nice welcome messages to new followers of your tweets.  If you’re serious about Twitter and want to optimize time spend on finding new exiting content to follow, and get more followers to your tweets, Tweet Adder is a very interesting tool that can save you a lot of time.

So my clear recommendation is that you should at least  download the free version and try the features yourself.

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