The “Can I” Google Suggest worldmap

Can I seach suggestionson different international versions of GoogleSearch suggestions as implemented on the new Google homepage can be a great help to users. However since these suggestions are ranked by search query volume, the search suggestions can also be a good indicator in what the hottest topics currently are.

In this post I have armed myself with Google Translate, and tried to search for the same term “Can I” in different local versions of Google.

And I can tell you that it’s actually quite interesting to see what’s most popular for this very generic search term… – International

Can I suggest on

Top 3 suggestions:

1: Can I run it

2: Can I get pregnant from a dog

3: Can I have Your number – United Kingdom

Can I suggestions from united kingdom

Top 3 suggestions:

1: Can I get pregnant from a dog

2: Can I run it

3: Can I vote Online – Russia

Can I - suggestions. Google russia

Top 3 suggestions:

1: Can I return goods i didn’t like

2: Can I become a Vampire

3: Can I get pregnant – Netherland

Can I suggestions, Google Netherlands

Top 3 suggestions:

1: Can I calculate calculate child support

2: Can I buy a house

3: Can I sing – Mexico

Can I suggestions from Google Mexico

Top 3 suggestions:

1: Can I get pregnant during menstruation

2: Can I not get pregnant if you ejaculate inside of me

3: Can I write the saddest lines tonight – France

Ca I suggestions from Google france

Top 3 suggestions:

1: I then conjugation

2: Can I appreciate the culture to which I belong

3: Can I on behalf of my conscience refuse to submit myself to the laws – Sweden

Kan - suggestions

Top 3 suggestions:
1: Kan Jang (natural herb)

2: Can you see who’s been on one’s facebook

3: Can you get pregnant during your period – Denmark

Kan jeg forslag Google suggest

Top 3 suggestion for Denmark:

1: Can you get pregnant during your period

2: Can you masturbate too much

3: Can you see who visits your profile on Facebook


It’s pretty amazing how a general search term like “Can I” can indicate what users in different countries are interested in.

If you find interesting examples on other local Google homepages, please add your findings as comments to this post.

The translations are based on Google Translate, so I might have missed some nuances here and there…

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