Split a long post into multiple pages in WordPress

Split a single post into multiple=

In some cases it can be very handy to split a very long post into a multi page post.

If you’re monetizing from your sidebar, it can damage your revenue if the content in a post expands further down the page than the sidebar ads.

In this post you’ll learn how easy it is to split a long post into a multi page post in WordPress.

Splitting a long post into a multi page post

Before applying this little trick, please consider the pros and cons of this solution:

Pros: Better monitization possibilities, More page impressions

Cons: Might irritate some users, Can reduce SEO effect, by having less content on the page

And now to the trick:

  1. Click the “HTML” tab in the Edit post page in WordPress
  2. Identify the place in the post where you want to insert a new page
  3. Insert the following code “<!--nextpage-->

And that’s it.

At the position where you inserted the code, links to the next page in the post will now be visible.

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3 Replies to Split a long post into multiple pages in WordPress

  1. Joe says:

    Thanks for interesting suggestion.

    So, for SEO purposes I’m not dealing with 2 separate pages, right?

    Different post name, meta details, etc.

    What is the minimum number of words you recommend per page?

    Is it true that Google likes sites with lots of pages?

    Thanks again, Joe

  2. jomillergo says:

    Is there a way to give custom permalinks for split posts

  3. jhnidk says:

    I haven’t see a solution for this, only for the first page of the post

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