Create a great Facebook page in 10 min

Create a facebook page with PagemodoCreating a strong Facebook presence is getting increasingly more important for many sites. If you’re lucky and  have the time or resources, you can build a nice looking Facebook site from scratch, however if this isn’t the case then you need to look for alternative solutions.

In this post we’ll take a closer look at the free tool Pagemodo, that can help you build a nice Facebook page in 10 minutes

The basic idea

Pagemodo is a tool that uses pre defined templates to create nice looking Facebook pages. You can currently select from 4 different templates, but more templates are expected to be launched later.

It’s free to create pages with the tool, however on the free pages, a small credit with link to Pagemodo displayed on the page. You can also pay 19.95$ a year to have the  link to Pagemodo removed.

Log in in and permissions

To build a page you need to have a Facebook account.

When you log into Pagemodo, you need to give Pagemodo access to create pages on your Facebook account. Then you’re ready to start building your page.


As mentioned before, Pagemodo currently has 4 different templates you can choose from.

Pagemodo website templates for facebook

The templates looks quite all right, and can be used for building anything from a very visual to a more text heavy page.

Creating content

After selecting a template, you need to fill in content. This process is very easy, as long as you pay attention to the recommended image sizes and proportions.

Building a page from pagemodo template

In the left side of the screen you fill in the template information, and in the right part of the page you can instantly see your changes.

The final page

When the template is finalized, it’s time to publish the page.

If you have several Facebook accounts or pages, you can specify which profile the new page should be added to.

You can see the final page here


Pagemodo is very easy to use, and you can very quickly create a nice looking page for Facebook. The templates requires a little too many images  seen from my perspective, but this is a personal opinion, and might be improved when more templates are added.

However I think the tool is worth a try – I’m quite happy for the page I created…

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