Maximize your Google Adsense earnings with these tools

Tips and tools to maximize Google Adsense EarningsGoogle Adsense is a great tool for displaying ads on your site, and generate revenue without you having to worry about selling ads, delivering ads or invoice advertisers.

Although Adsense normally pretty quickly delivers results, it might pay off to experiment with different tools to see if your site has further monetization potential.

In this post we’ll look into a collection of tools, that can help you maximize your Adsense earnings.

SenseEarn iPhone app

If you have a iPhone, the SenseEarn iPhone app makes it easy to follow your Adsense earnings.

Adsense client for iPhone - SenseEarn

The tool gives a easy overview of your earnings within the following time frames:

  • today
  • yesterday
  • current month
  • last month

If you have Adsense on multiple sites, the reports can also be per site.


WhyDoWork is a Adsense plugin for Mozilla Firefox that displays current Adsense status in the status bar of your browser.

Adsense plugin got Mozilla Firefox - WhyDoWork

The plugin has the following features:

  • Common reporting time periods (today, yesterday, last 7 days etc.)
  • Custom update frequency
  • Adsense stats for Content, Feeds, Search, Mobile, & Domains
  • Scrolling notifier or single line view of data
  • Customizable actions for left and right mouse clicks
  • Secure local password management and login

Google Search Keyword Tool

Google Search Keyword Tool is mainly a tool that can inspire Adwords advertisers to select keywords for their campaigns.

The tool suggests different keywords for a certain campaign, and also displays the ad costs of these keywords. This means that you can also use the tool to maximize your Adsense earnings, by including the most profitable keywords in your page content.


YieldBuild is a optimization tool, that automatically can test different combinations of layout and format of the Adsense content on your page. In the layout optimization, different combinations of colors and fonts are tested to see which combination provides the maximum earnings for your site.

Google Adsense Heatmap

Google Adsense Heatmap gives recommendations to ad placements, based on studies of general Adsense performance. If you don’t want to experiment with a tool like YieldBuild, the Adsense Heatmap can give inspiration to new positions for Adsense ad units.

Heatmap for Google Adsense ads


This post has introduced a few of the number of different tools and application for optimization of Google Adsense.

The tools gives you a better overview and access to your Adsense account, and suggests different ways op optimizing your revenue by experimenting with different kinds of page content and ad unit placement and look and feel.

If you know any Adsense tools that you think is missing in the post, please feel free to add them in the comments

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