Mobile dashboard for Piwik web analytics

Mobile app from piwikPiwik is a great open source alternative to Google Analytics. Piwik is a relatively young program, but it evolves very fast.

The latest development is the new mobile app that  we’ll take a closer look at in this post.

Piwik mobile apps

With the new mobile dashboards it’ s getting possible to monitor your website performance from a mobile phone, which is great is you like to stay on top of things, even if you’re away from your computer.

Piwik is mobile app is currently launched for Android and iPhone, and is free to download and use.

The review in this post will be based on the iPhone version of Piwik

Features of the Piwik app

Just like you can several sites from a single Piwik installation, the Piwik app can also be configured to display statistics from multiple Piwik accounts.

When you’re logged into a account you’ll see the start page with all the available statistics.

Overview piwik iphone app

The overview page gives a good overview over the current status of the site with typical statistics like: visits, Unique visitors, actions, conversions etc. etc.

The Piwik overview page

As seen on the statistics overview page, you can also drill down into more detailed statistics like the browser stats displayed below.

Piwik mobil app browser statistics

Like the web application, you can also select timespan in the mobile app, ranging from daily, to weekly, monthly and annual statistics.


For existing Piwik users, the mobile apps will just confirm the choice of Piwik as web analytics system, and for non users, this is yet another good argument for giving Piwik a try.

The app works fine, is easy to install, and delivers the most important facts about your site at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime – great.

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  1. Michael says:

    Haven’t seen such analytics before and think that this will grow very fast due to the fact that people are starting to use their phones in more advanced way.

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