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Automatically display wordpress posts on facebook pageIf you have a WordPress powered Blog, it’s a good idea t use the great RSS functionality in WordPress to automatially display your recent posts on your Facebook profile, and therby distribute your content automatically on more channels.

In this post you’ll learn how easy it is to connect your Facebook profile with your WordPress based Blog.

WordPress RSS feed

To connect your WordPress blog to your Facebook page, we’re using the RSS feed that’s natively build into WordPress.

The normal RSS address of your blog is this:


This feed covers all posts on your blog, regardless of the post category.

If you only want posts within certain categories to be displayed on your Facebook profile, you can create a custom RSS feed with this tip

When you have the url for the feed you would like to display on your Facebook profile, you’re ready to proceed to the next step

Facebook setup

To connect Facebook and WordPress, you obviously need to have a Facebook page.

Next you need to go to your page, and click the “edit page” in the upper left corner

Edit Page in Facebook

Next you need to find the “Notes” section and click on “edit”

Edit notes in Facebook

From the notes page, click on the “Edit import settings” link in the left column

Import Rss feed in Facebook

On the next page you need to type the Url of the WordPress RSS feed that you want to display on your facebook page

Specify which rss feed to import to Facebook

After you have typed the feed url, click on the “Start Importing” button to import the feed.

If Facebook successfully imports the feed, a feed confirmation page with the feed content is displayed. If the feed looks fine, click “Confirm”, and then you connected your Facebook page with your WordPress Blog.

Improve RSS import in Facebook

Facebook will now automatically scan your RSS feed for new content a few times each day. If Facebook finds new content in the RSS feed, the content will automatically be posted on the wall on your page.


With the tip in this post, you can easily connect your Facebook page with WordPress, and thereby automatically ensure that posts on your Blog is also displayed on your Facebook page.

This tip can also be used for RSS feeds from other sources than WordPress, you just need the url for your RSS feed, and then you’re ready.

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