Spice up your Facebook page with custom tabs

Use facebook for adding unique content to your facebook pageIf you want a professional Facebook page, you need to create additional content beyond the standard wall, and maybe some kind of feed import.

In this post you’ll learn to add a custom tab to your Facebook page using static FBML, where you can add content in plain HTML.

Adding a custom tab on your Facebook page

A standard Facebook page typically contains a wall, where the page owner can publish stuff, and the audience can read and respond to the posts.

This simple concept has been very successfully so far, but there are more sophisticated possibilities in Facebook for you as a content owner to publish and create a media on Facebook.

Before you proceed, you should ensure, that you’re the administrator of the page that you want to upgrade

Static FBML

The easiest way to add a new tab with custom content to your Facebook page, is to use the application “Static FBML”.

To download the application, simply type “FBML” in the search field on top of any Facebook page, and click on the application “Static FBML”

search for static fbml application in facebook

Click the “Add to my page” link in the upper left side of the page.

Add static fbml application to your facebook page

If you’re administrating  more than one page, a popup window is displayed, asking which of your pages you want to add the Static FBML application  to.

Now the Static FBML application has been added to your page.

Create a static Tab

To add content and configure the Static FBML application, go to your page and click on “Edit page”.

In the application overview, find the “Static FBML” application in the list, and click on “Edit”.

chnage static fbml application settings in facebook

You can now enter the desired name for the new tab in the field “Box title”, and the HTML for your custom page in the “FBML” field.

Edit the content of a ststic fbml page in facebook

That’s it, when you click “”save” you now have a custom tab on your facebook page.


Adding a custom tab on your Facebook profile is a great way of adding a professional touch to your Facebook presence.

With the guide in this post, you can be up and running within 10  minutes.

With nice customized content, you might want to make this new page the default page on your facebook page?

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  1. Evan Johnson says:

    The Static FBML app is a great free way to create custom tabs, but if you want a faster way without any coding check out the new product I’m working on, http://splashtab.com. It’s a service that lets you create and update custom Facebook Page tabs as easily as writing an email. Not that a little HTML/FBML will daunt the readers for Tips4Php, but it’s a great time saver still.

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