Boost Facebook reach by only showing content to users who likes your page

Only show content to Facebook users who likes your pageHaving Facebook likes or followers can be a very valuable marketing tool, since new updates on your Facebook page, will also be displayed on your followers Facebook walls.

One way of getting more Facebook followers is to only display attractive content on your Facebook page to people that likes your page.

In this post you’ll learn how to implement a simple piece of FBML that can hide specific content from non followers

Show content to followers only

If you have some valuable content that your Facebook users are very interested in, creating a special page with this content that followers or Facebook connections can see, can be a very effective way of boosting your Facebook followers.

This trick is typically used by many marketing companies. In the Pepsi example below, you can only see the newest Pepsi videos and content on Facebook if you click the like button.

Pepxi example of only displaying content to facebook likes or followers

Building the FBML

Creating a Facebook page like the Pepsi example is pretty straightforward.

FBML has a tag called: <fb:visible-to-connection> this tag simply only displays the content within the
<fb:visible-to-connection> </fb:visible-to-connection>tags to Facebook users that has clicked on the Like button on your Facebook page.

To include this functionality to your Facebook page, you need a FBML enabled tab on your Facebook page.

In the FBML tab, you paste the following code:

<fb:fbml version="1.1">
<fb:visible-to-connection><h1>Hi there, fan!</h1>
Welcome as a connection to tips4php. Don't forget to visit this page or <a href=""></a> for free goodies for webmasters and website owners :-)
<fb:else><h1>Hi there</h1>
This page has exclusive secret content that can only be seen by people who likes tips4php on Facebook!<br/><br/>
<b>Click the "Like" button on top of this page to see the hidden content</b>

You can see this example live here

This code simply shows the secret content within the <fb:visible-to-connection>tag to users who likes your Facebook page, and displays the teaser content within the <fb:else> tags to users who hasn’t yet clicked on “Like”

Please notice that when you’re applying this code to your own Facebook account you need to be logged out, or be logged in with another account than the admin account for your page!. If you access  this page with the admin account, both the content for connections and non connections will be displayed.


Giving away great content in return for a “Like” click from your Facebook users can be a very effective way of boosting the reach of your Facebook page.

In this post you’ve seen a very basic way of teasing and encouraging users to click “Like” on your page to get access to exclusive content.

As illustrated in the Pepsi example using a appealing graphics might increase number of users who clicks on the “Like” button.

You should definitely experiment with different types of  teaser content to see what converts best for your page.

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