Jumpstart new CSS typography with Type-a-file

Create new CSS fast with type-a-fileCreating a CSS typography from scratch for a new website can be quite time consuming.

To speed things up, you might reuse CSS from other of your projects, or you might use some pre developed CSS classes, that you can then adjust to your needs.

In this post we’ll take a look at Type-a-file, that offers 8 different ready to use CSS definitions for your site.

Ready to use CSS classes from Type-a-file

Type-a-file is a website, that contains the most comon content objects for a website.

Create new CSS fast with Type-a-file

The smart thing is, that Type-a-file has developed 8 nice and very robust CSS definitions for the most commonly used html content:

  • h1, h2, h3, h4
  • paragraph
  • ordered & unordered lists
  • blockquote
  • cite
  • definition list
  • abbreviation (smallcaps)
  • aside
  • small

When you have found a CSS definition that you think fits your site, you just press the download button, and then you’ll get the relevant CSS as a zip  file.

See Type-a-file here

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