Choose Professional Gutter Cleaning to Prevent Summertime Issues

Summertime is not the best for your gutter system. The intense heat, storms and flying debris can be quite damaging. In spite of the fact that the season is not good for the gutter system, there is something that you can do to enhance its protection. Cleaning is one of the best things you can do and this should be done by a professional.

Gutter Cleaning Tips for summertime

To prevent the damaging effects of summer thunderstorms, high winds, humidity and high rainfall, there are several things that should be done. All involves cleaning the entire system.

Remove Dead Pests and Empty Nests

During winter, most pests will find refuge in gutter systems. This is where they build their nests to keep warm. When the weather becomes favorable, they will leave your gutters but they will not take their nests or the dead ones with them. They are left behind. Before summer, these should be removed as there is a risk of damage if not removed.

Removal of Debris and Dirt

Once the nests and dead pests are removed, it is time to remove all the debris. Debris includes twigs, pine needles, tree branches, vegetation, leaves and pebbles among others. By removing debris, it’s easy to identify any damages. This is a step in cleaning that should be done before scrubbing and rinsing.

Scrub the Gutter System

This is an important step after all the nests, debris and dead pests have been removed. In this step, everything that could not be removed as debris, is removed at this point. It includes algae, moss and mold that if left to thrive, it will damage the gutters. Specialists have tools specifically for this purpose as some of the stains on the surface could be stubborn. They use soap and a scrub brush to get rid of this.

Cleaning the Downspout

The downspout is part of the gutter system thus it should also be cleaned. All the debris that is washed from the gutter goes down the downspout. This means that it is at a high risk of getting clogged. After cleaning the gutter, it’s now time for the downspout and this should be done by an expert. The debris is cleared and flushed out with clean water. When this is done, water will flow smoothly.

Gutter systems divert water from the foundation of your home and the roof as well as other parts such as the siding. If they are not functioning properly due to dirt, your home will highly likely experience water damage. This is one reason they should be cleaned and especially before winter and summer.

Besides leading to damage, debris that is left on the gutter and the downspout is a huge risk to the integrity of the roof structure. This will eventually result to expensive repairs or replacements. The importance of cleaning the gutters before summer is that it’s assessed at the same time and any issues corrected in good time.